January 30, 2015

Digital Photographer – Video Tutorials

digital photographer_157Each month with Digital Photographer magazine they offer video tutorials, Photoshop brushes and other assets that can be accessed from their online FileSilo. In the current issue (157) its my videos you’ll find there, and I couldn’t be more delighted.

Teach and Learn

There’s an eclectic mix, the subjects were suggested by the editor. This was interesting as I had to source images and, in some cases, learn and tweak a technique. This worked well, if a little time consuming, as I was picking up new skills as well as doing what I love to do, teach.

The Videos

This month there are eleven of my videos;

  • Creating a bokeh effect
  • Turn night into day
  • Create a fisheye effect
  • Create a ghosting effect
  • Create a high key effect
  • Add noise and film grain effects
  • Create a retro effect
  • Add shadows to your images
  • Sharpen your shots
  • Create a pencil sketch effect
  • Create Vector art


filesiloIf you watch the videos I’d love to know what you think, all feedback is very welcome, I really want to provide better videos for readers of Digital Photographer and other places I record for.











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