March 20, 2015

Four Days of The Photography Show



I’m delighted to be working in the Adobe Theatre for the four days of The Photography Show both speaking about Hidden Gems and Creative Cloud Mobile Apps, Tools for Photographers. When not taking the stage I’ll be manning one of the ‘Pods’ answering questions and meeting visitors.


I’m definitely the ‘new boy’ of the group as I’ll be joining Richard CurtisDave MallowsRichard West and my old friend Gavin Hoey, all of whom are seasoned conference speakers. So, if you fancy popping along and giving me some support it’d be very welcome!

The full agenda for the Adobe Theatre can be found on the website and on the Photography Show app.



My Agenda

I look forward to seeing you there! My agenda is here



2 thoughts on “Four Days of The Photography Show”

  1. Hi Eric, I introduced myself to you at The Photography Show and tweeted afterwards about your presentation – you may not remember! I’ve just listened to your TWIP Podcast which covered some of the same material and have been left with a question which no amount of Googling will answer.

    Why will my shiny new Samsung Galaxy Tab S not run Photoshop Mix? It’s running Android (obviously) but only has a wifi connection and no cellular access. Surely this isn’t the reason?

    Any help you can offer is much appreciated and keep up the great presentations.

    Best wishes, Colin Smith

    1. Hi Colin,
      Photoshop Mix should run on newer Android operating systems (4.3 and higher). Your Galaxy Tab S should be running 4.4 I think, but its worth checking.

      Thank you for the support, and Tweets, they are very much appreciated!

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