October 24, 2014

Timer for Keynote and Other Presentations

Keynote_timer_101Spending some of my time presenting to higher education classes I often set tasks for learners to do. Good practice in this case is to set a time and remind the learners how long they have left to complete the task. Using Smartboard’s SmartNote is one way to go, they have some flash animated timers that work well, but I’m a Keynote user and there wasn’t anything quick and easy that fitted my workflow.

So, I jumped into Photoshop and designed one!

Exporting as a mp4 file means that the timer can be dropped into any Keynote presentation and started automatically or with a click. I’ve made the movie as 1 hour long but you can start from any point, here’s how;

Starting the Countdown Timer From Any Point

1. Add the movie, either through iPhoto or drag and drop. It’ll probably be too big, so resize if you’d like.

2. Choose the Format Inspector panel and then Movie from the sub menu



3. About half way down locate the Trim feature. As default the starting frame is set to 00:00:00:000, this being Hours:Minutes:Seconds:Frames.




4. Either click and drag the left most point, or more easily click in the starting frame and type in your start time.


In this example I’m setting up a 10 minute task so the timer starts 50 minutes in (00:50:00:000). The Poster Frame is what will be displayed prior to the movie starting, by default it is the first frame from where the movie will start and so for my case this is perfect 🙂

I hope you get some use from this, I’d love to hear your experiences and feedback and any other ideas you might like implementing.


Downloading the File

You are free to use this for any non commercial use, the selling of this file is strictly forbidden. Feel free to re-share with credit to this website.

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Download the Timer Movie from Here

(The file is held on my Adobe Creative Cloud account – Click the download link on the top right of the page)


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